While finishing the MBA program at Oregon State, I received an offer from IBM to join their marketing team in Portland. IBM offered a great opportunity to work for a corporation that excelled in training, career opportunities, and management experience. For the most part, I very much enjoyed my twenty years with this premier corporation. IBM always has believed in excellence, which fits well with my values. As much as I didn't enjoy some of the bureaucratic aspects of a large corporation along with some conservative practices that the company followed in the '80s, working for IBM gave me the opportunity to really build skills and experience.

At IBM, I assisted a wide diversity of clients reach their business objectives. Although most of my career was in marketing, I also held positions in finance, management consulting, project management, technical support, and professional services. Additionally, I managed teams of professionals for some of IBM's most critical clients. IBM training in management, consulting, marketing, and project management is top-notch and I took advantage of its availability grow my skills and value to my employer.

All said, my tenure at IBM was well spent and I look back on the experience with pride