Most of my work experience is in marketing as well as technical and business consulting.

Starting with IBM in the early 80's, I worked with high technology companies developing information systems solutions. During this time, I also had the opportunity to work at IBM's new financing subsidiary, IBM Credit Corp as a pricer. Working as a pricer allowed me to be part of a team establishing financing approaches for a company that later became the largest of its kind in the information industry.

In 1988, I spent over a year in San Francisco as a marketing consultant to IBM clients in California and the Northwest. From there, I transferred to IBM's team supporting Boeing in Seattle. As the Enterprise Systems Engineering Manager, I managed a team of technical and marketing professionals that worked with Boeing to create the information systems needed to design the new 777 aircraft. Boeing was IBM's largest customer in North America. It was a great management experience.
In 1993, I became the marketing and business manager for IBM's Network Products and Services Division in the Pacific Northwest. Revenue responsibility along with span of control increased with regard to the products and services, pricing, distribution, business development approaches, and geography. When I left this position in 1997, my geography included nine states in the Western US, and most of IBM's Network Line of Business. Our annual revenue was approximately 50 million.

With IBM's move to from a product to services business focus, I joined their Strategic Outsourcing group.This led to an assignment to work as a consultant and engagement manager at Washington Mutual.

WAMU was rapidly expanding through acquisitions throughout the West and IBM Global Services provided the bank's need for new information services to its new markets. One of my more strategic projects was migrating WAMU into Internet banking in 1998. The project became critical to WAMU as consumer demand for Internet banking exploded.
My last day at IBM was December 31st, 1999. With the new millennium, I felt it was time to try something very different. In the late 90s, I had started a media and video production company. In 2000, I worked full time as the president of Bright Pearl Productions. Business was initially good but shortly, I found out that timing wasn't. The Internet bubble deflated through the latter part of 2000 and most of the venture capital money that was funding my clients went with it.
In May 2001, I left my full time position at Bright Pearl to become a Product Manager at The Cobalt Group. Going from a very large technology company to a much smaller ecommerce company emerging from the tumult of the go-go Internet years was a challenge. We all changed and grew. I developed three products from the ground up and placed them at some of the largest automotive companies in the US. Learning how to use the Internet to find new opportunities and new ways to reach customers has been invaluable.

I look forward to new challenges. I know that I have the skills necessary to succeed and bring significant benefit to the company that I work for. I have proved this every time in the past. I know how to maximize value and produce winners.