Hello and welcome.

As an employer, you have an important decision to make. Who, among the many qualified candidates you can choose from, best meets your qualifications. You will make this choice with confidence when you know the skills and experience of the candidates you are considering.

This site has been developed to give you in-depth information on one candidate, Peter Kahn. Taking advantage of what the Internet can offer, I can bring you a richer and comprehensive view than what is contained in a simple paper resume. If you like what you see, then we should meet. I look forward to it.

This site is divided up into three parts.


Education My college work and post-graduate training

Employment covers my work experience in marketing and product management. You will see some examples of products, projects, and engagements that I have managed.

Contact Brings you to this page. Here is the current information about me; my address, phone number, and career objectives. You can download a graphical or plain text printable resume here as well.

There is a lot I am sharing about my previous employers and myself. I trust that you will use this site solely to determine my abilities and that this information is held in confidence.

For additional information, questions, and next steps, please call me at (206)770-6498. If you feel more comfortable using email, I can be reached at peterkahn@earthlink.net.

I hope to meet you soon